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The F-86 SABRE became famous during the Korean War. TheUSforces employed this aircraft as an air superiority fighter in this conflict. In the sky overNorth Koreait fought very successfully against the MiG-15. More  than 700 enemy aircraft were shot down in the course of the conflict whereas only less than 100 own aircraft were lost. Therefore, it was not surprising that the F-86 SABRE became the standard fighter in the air forces of the Western world.


The German Air Force, too, purchased the F-86 SABRE aircraft. The Federal Republic of Germany 

Canadair CL-13 North American F-86 Sabre Mk 5

ordered 25 SABRE Mk5 and 225 SABRE Mk 6. The SABRE Mk5 and Mk6 which were manufactured

under license by Canadair inCanadawere mainly identical with the F-86F. Instead of a

General Electric J47 engine, these aircraft were equipped with an Avro Orenda 14 engine.


The 25 SABRE Mk5 were used as trainers at Air Force Weapons School 10.

The SABRE Mk6 were flown by Fighter Wing 71 in Wittmund, Fighter Wing 72 in Leck and Fighter Wing 73 in Oldenburg. In 1961, Fighter Wing 73 was deployed to Pferdsfeld.

The era of the F-86 in the German Air Force came to an end with the introduction of the Lockheed F-104 STARFIGHTER in 1964. The F-86 deactivation process was completed in 1966. Only a few aircraft were retained e.g. for testing purposes at Aeronautical Test Center 61 in Manching and for target towing by the contractor Condor-Flugdienst.





Technical Data


Canadair Ltd.


Avro-Orenda -10 (CL-13B Mk.5) / -14 (CL-13B Mk.6)

Performance / Thrust

26.1 kN / 32,4 kN


11.43 m


4.48 m


11.30 m

Empty weight

4,800 kg

Max. takeoff weight

8,100 kg

Maximum speed

1,140 km/h

Cruise speed

860 km/h

Service ceiling

16,700 m


1,960 km


6 x gun 12.7 mm 16 air-to-ground missile or 1,800 kg bombs



Maiden flight

30 July 1953 / 19 October 1954