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The EUROFIGHTER/TYPHOON is a twin-engine, canard-delta wing, multirole fighter. In 2004, the Bundeswehr fielded the aircraft. In accordance with current plans, the Bundeswehr will acquire 180 Eurofighters.


The EUROFIGHTER/TYPHOON is a twin-engine, canard-delta wing, multirole fighter. In 2004, the aircraft was fielded in the Bundeswehr.  Based on the present planning, the Bundeswehr will acquire 180 Eurofighters.


Until 2006, 44 aircraft had been delivered to the German Air Force. Two additional tranches of 65 aircraft will be delivered until 2010 respectively until 2015. This makes the EUROFIGHTER/TYPHOON the backbone of the German Air Force.


It will replace the PHANTOM fighters and parts of the TORNADO fighter bomber fleet (formerly FBW 31 "B" und FBW 33).


With its delta-canard wings and an aerodynamically instable design, the EUROFIGHTER is a highly agile aircraft at both supersonic and low speeds. It is equipped with a triple-redundancy fly-by-wire flight control system.


In the so called “supercruise” mode, the aircraft is able to reach and cruise at supersonic speed

without using afterburners (Mach 1.2 with weapons).Another one of the many innovative features

of the EUROFIGHTER is the DVI (Direct Voice Input). It enables the pilot to manage a wide range of cockpit functions by means of voice control. 








Technical Data


Eurofighter GmbH


2 x Eurojet EJ 200

Performance / Thrust

je 90 kN with afterburner


15.96 m


5.28 m


10.95 m

Empty weight

11,000 kg

Max. takeoff weight

23,500 kg

Max. speed

mach 2.0


mach 1.2 at 11,000 m equiped

Service ceiling

approx. 18,000 m


approx. 650 km lo-lo-lo
approx. 1,400 km hi-lo-hi
approx. 1,800 km air patrol


Guns: 1 × 27 mm Mauser BK-27 revolver cannon with 150 rounds, up to 6,500 kg

IRIS-T (Infrared Imaging Seeker Tail-Control),

AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile),

Meteor air-to-air long range missiles,

Taurus KEPD 350 air-to-ground stand-off weapon,

Paveway III GBU-24 laserguided bombs


1 (2 trainer)

Maiden flight

27 March 1994