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DA40 Diamond Star

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One DA40 Diamond Star of Pilot Training Network / Lufthansa will come from aiport Rostock/Laage. Pilot Training Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training. As such, the company is not only part of the Lufthansa Group, which shapes the global aviation market; it also draws on the experience of one of the world’s most renowned flight training providers.


Our flying schools offer trainees, pilots and airlines a wide range of training

Pilot Training Network - Airport Rostock / Laage

opportunities. Besides high-quality training, optimal locations and state-of-the-art

training equipment, both flying schools have one further thing in common:

a constant focus on the needs of the airlines.




The DA40 Diamond Star


  • four-seatlight aircraft
  • powerplant: 134 kW / 180 hp 
  • used in IFR education (Single Engine IFR)
  • count at ETNL/RLG: 5


Airport Rostock/Laage





Type of presentation:

Static display


Light aircraft